A top antivirus is a must-have security tool for any PC gamer, protecting against malware and spyware, ransomware, viruses, phishing attacks, identity theft and other online threats. It also needs to be lightweight and unintrusive, with minimal impact on gaming performance and to avoid annoying interruptions such as scans during games as well as pop-ups and massive updates that slow down your system.

Many antivirus programs include extra features for gamers, for instance a dedicated game booster, which minimizes background processing and improves the performance of your CPU. Some antivirus programs have features that prevent hackers from gaining access into personal information. Others let you play with your friends anonymously using a VPN.

Bitdefender is the most reliable antivirus for gamers. It has one of the highest malware detection rates and cloud scanning is a low impact on performance. It also comes with useful system tune-up tools such as disk cleaners and duplicate deletion of files.

McAfee the other top security software, comes with an advanced gaming feature which prioritises your games over resource-hungry background applications. It has the Game Boost engine and a variety of other options, including parental controls and update scheduling systems scans, and other. Its machine learning and heuristic technologies are also among the best in the market.

Webroot Secure Anywhere installs in less than an hour and is extremely lightweight, using only 5MB of RAM at idle and less than 15% of your CPU when it’s conducting scans. It has an excellent rate of detecting malware and includes an extra feature that completely erases all evidence of your online activity, making deleted files inaccessible.