Board meetings online allow board members to share their ideas without having to go anywhere. These meetings are easy to attend and offer a great experience for those who are able to participate. Virtual meetings are just as efficient as face-to-face meetings because of tools like video conferencing, presentations, and chats. They also allow for the sharing of documents in a secure manner and also for the preparation of minutes of board meetings.

As with any meeting, there are challenges and difficulties. The main challenge is ensuring that all participants are capable of participating and share their ideas. This can be achieved by selecting a time that is accessible to everyone, even those who reside in different parts of the globe. If this is not possible, consider shorter meetings and inviting those who are unable to take part in other ways.

Prior to the meeting, it is crucial to set clear goals. This allows the board members to understand their responsibilities, and will help them focus their meeting approach. It is essential to communicate the relevant information prior to the meeting to all participants to allow them to review it and prepare any questions, votes or other decisions. Sending the agenda as a document along with the invitation to the meeting is a way to accomplish this.