Data room confidential mode impedes anyone who is not authorized from accessing your computer’s information. It permits the administrator of an information space to restrict the use of an electronic data space by a particular user based on their Internet Protocol address or system. This characteristic is especially necessary for M&A bargains wherever delicate information like research results and copyrighted goods, can be shared.

Easily track user activity with complete audit trails. This includes who downloaded which files, when and from where they were downloaded, and what was redacted.

With fence view and view only mode, you can browse documents in a secured environment. These features safeguard your sensitive data by restricting users to print, save, download or take screenshots of documents. This feature ensures that, even the user is able to expose sensitive files, the original document will not be removed from the VDR.

A reliable VDR will allow you to make granular access rights for every file and folder within the data room. You can restrict who can view the documents, establish time limits and limit the downloading of entire folders, or only specific individuals in the data room. You can also create a secure link so that only users who have been invited have access to the documents in the data room.

Some of the best data rooms come with several tools that let you manage document sharing, secure information with 256-bit encrypted encryption at rest and while in transit and manage access rights with two-factor authentication. They also offer a comprehensive portfolio of file formats, and include an integrated search feature that makes it easy to find any document in the data room.