Free Board Room

Whether you’re pitching your brightest ideas to your clients, closing an important deal, or planning your next board meeting of the month finding a flexible workspace that facilitates efficient, seamless collaboration should not be a problem. Many sites provide high-tech facilities that can make meetings at the same level as the strategies they’re intended to help execute.

Boardrooms are the place where the most important business decisions are made. Management and the board of directors should spend considerable time exploring the long-term philosophies of the business, including its competitive positioning, trends in the industry and geographical locations such as brand names intellectual property, talent, labor agreements and operational costs. However, these discussions should not detract from the daily operations of the business.

The goal of this research is to identify the elements which determine whether sustainability issues are addressed at the board level, and in the event that they are, how much attention is given to the issue. It also aims to understand the contexts that shape the way these conversations are conducted and the potential attentional structures that could emerge to support the discussion of sustainability-related concerns in the boardroom setting.

Unless otherwise stated in this policy, use of the Meeting rooms at the Library are subject to the applicable Library policies and guidelines. All users of the meeting space agree to indemnify and indemnify the Wyckoff Free Public Library and the Library Board of Trustees as well as the Township of Wyckoff for any incidental or consequential liability, injury, loss incurred by anyone who attends.

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