A governance portal or board portal software solution that provides directors and administrators with a safe digital workspace for collaboration on confidential information, documents and meetings. The most effective portals make it simple for members to prepare for and attend board meetings, while managing the work that takes place between meetings. Modern portals aid in meeting preparation and collaboration among committee members, board members important stakeholders, key stakeholders, and external partners.

Boards are limited in time and resources, which is why it’s vital that a software for managing boards solution is designed to be simple and easy for members to use. Ask the vendor about their user experience, and if they offer videos or other materials to assist members in using the new platform. You should also learn how easy it will be for directors to begin their first meeting and how the platform syncs with their calendars.

Modern board portals are built to be as efficient as the boards themselves, increasing member participation and efficiency with features like task management govenda boardbookit that make it easier for members to stay on top of their responsibilities between meetings. Additionally modern portals offer the use of e-signature and voting to facilitate fast, secure document approval and a simple way to create and edit agenda items, documents and minutes of meetings.

The latest generation of board portals also lets administrators and directors continue to work in the cloud, which makes it possible for an accountant in Chicago and an IT leader in Washington DC to update a board book simultaneously. This increases the effectiveness of a board’s meetings and ensures that all relevant members have access to the most recent information.