Secure board management can be a helpful tool for board members prior to, during and after meetings. It also helps the organization reduce its carbon footprint, assist in environmental sustainability initiatives and boost productivity levels. It’s crucial to choose an online board portal that has world-class security features that guarantee data privacy and streamline procedures which allow directors to concentrate on governance.

Board management software should offer an integrated storage solution for meeting materials as well as action items. It should also facilitate communication between board members. It should also provide secure file sharing, flexible permissions, and a custom branding. Additionally it should permit users to create and store backups of sensitive files to be used for reversion purposes. It should also allow companies to wipe their endpoint devices or block them if needed.

Some board members or company officials might be resistant to the use of software to manage their board particularly if they are used to working on paper. It’s important that they understand the advantages and features of the software, and how it will make it easier and more efficient for the board. Once they accept the need for tools to manage boards, they are more likely to utilize them.

With a top-rated board management software directors can collaborate in real-time and work on documents either offline or online with a variety of useful tools, like the laser pointer tool and private annotations. It is also possible for members to take minutes before, during and after the meeting and oversee the process of making decisions using an interactive dashboard.